Town of Tome
Land Grant
Tome, New Mexico
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Town of Tome Land Grant

The Town of Tome Land Grant, a unit of government, was reconstituted in 2001 and became a member of the New Mexico Land Grant Consejo and New Mexico Land Grant Council.
The Town of Tome Land Grant continues to identify and retain lost acreage omitted by the Surveyor General. Continued efforts to achieve this goal requires cooperation and support from various government agencies, and the general public.
The Town of Tome Land Grant owns and operates the Tome Dominguez Hall which is available to the public on a rental basis. Additionally, many free fundraisers and other community activities are provided. The Town of Tome Land Grant is commited to preserving the history of the land grant and supports, respects and honors the precepts of perpetuity and longevity.  
The Town of Tome Land Grant manages and maintains El Cerro de Tome, Tome Hill Park, the old cemetery (Circa 1800's) and has adopted Sedillo Road.( The Camino Real)
The museum houses the Edwin Berry Historical Collection. It also has an extensive collection of land grant history documents, local and Southwest history books and references.

The Town of Tome Land Grant was issued by the King of Spain in 1739. The original application makes it clear that the early settlers intended to build and cultivate an agricultural community that afforded them a way of life that is still a part of the rich and lasting history of the area.
On April 5, 1871 a patent was issued to the Town of Tome Land Grant. The original boundaries were described as follows: the west boundary being the Rio del Norte (the Rio Grande River). On the south by the stopping place commonly called the three cottonwoods; on the east at the point of sunrise within the sierra madre called Sandia, and on the north by the punta de las esteras del llano called Thome Dominguiez.
The original boundaries included approximately 300,000 acres. In 1823 a split was approved giving Casa Colorada a portion of the land grant(131,779.87 acres). Tome was left with 121,594 acres. In 1907, 74,549 acres were lost to taxes. The remaining 47,000 acres was ultimately sold in 1968. Many questions still remain as to the sale of these remaining 47,000 acres.