Town of Tome
Land Grant
Tome, New Mexico
Museum & Library Hours:
Wednesday 9-2 pm & Saturday 9-2 pm 

Tome, New Mexico Established in 1739
The Tome Dominguez Hall, Museum & Library are owned and operated by the Town of Tome Land Grant.  The Town of Tome Land Grant was issued by the King of Spain in 1739. The original application makes it clear that the early settlers intended to build and cultivate an agricultural community that afforded them a way of life that is still a part of the rich and lasting history of the area.
Korean War Memorial
Veteran's Room
Farming Implements/ Seeder
Welcome to The Town of Tome Land Grant
The Town of Tome Land Grant, a unit of government, was reconstituted in 2001 and became a member of the New Mexico Land Grant Consejo and New Mexico Land Grant Council.
The Town of Tome Land Grant is committed to preserving the history of the land grant and supports,  respects,  and honors the precepts of perpetuity and longevity. The Town of Tome Land Grant owns and operates the Thome Dominguez Hall which is available to the public on a rental basis.